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Mold Testing -- Sioux Falls, South Dakota

MTS_Website_Document_1 How to Collect Visible Mold Sample.pdf 1. How to Collect Visible Mold Sample.pdf (52.53 KB)
MTS_Website_Document_2 Why Ice Dams Can Damage Your House.pdf 2. Why Ice Dams Can Damage Your House.pdf (521.63 KB)
MTS_Website_Document_3 Why is Mold a Concern.pdf 3. Why is Mold a Concern.pdf (48.84 KB)

MTS_Website_Document_4 How to Check for Mold.pdf 4. How to Check for Mold.pdf (51.11 KB) 
MTS_Website_Document_5 How Can Mold Be Cleaned Up.pdf 5. How Can Mold Be Cleaned Up.pdf (53.76 KB)

MTS_Website_Document_6 Mold Home Test Kits.pdf 6. Mold Home Test Kits.pdf (44.70 KB)
Mold Exposure Guide.pdf 8. Mold Exposure Guide.pdf (66.19 KB)
MTS_Website_Document_9 Collecting Airborne Mold Tests.pdf 9. Collecting Airborne Mold Tests.pdf (69.86 KB)
MTS_Website_Document_10 Disturbed Airborne Mold Tests.pdf 10. Disturbed Airborne Mold Tests.pdf (65.54 KB)
MTS_Website_Document_11 Interpreting Aireboarne Mold Lab Analyses.pdf 11. Interpreting Airborne Mold Lab Analyses.pdf (99.71 KB)
MTS_Website_Document_12 Comments for Cleaning Firms.pdf 12. Comments for Cleaning Firms.pdf (50.88 KB)
MTS_Website_Document_13 Visible Mold Tape Tests - Limitations.pdf 13. Visible Mold Tape Tests - Limitations.pdf (51.26 KB)
MTS_Website_Document_14 A Mold Guide for Renters.pdf 14. A Mold Guide for Renters.pdf (48.47 KB)
MTS_Website_Document_15 Mold Guide for Landlords & Property Managers.pdf 15. Mold Guide for Landlords & Property Managers.pdf (45.93 KB)
MTS_Website_Document_18 Visible Mold During Construction.pdf 18. Visible Mold During Construction.pdf (44.57 KB)
Health Symptoms – Mold Exposure.pdf 19. Health Symptoms – Mold Exposure.pdf (45.32 KB) 
MTS_Website_Document_20 Flooded Basements.pdf 20. Flooded Basements.pdf (145.31 KB) 
21. Using the  21. Using the "Mold Detective" Pump for Self-Testing.pdf (46.14 KB)

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