Mold Testing Services
Mold Testing -- Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Visible Mold Check

Small amounts of visible mold can be enough to frighten a home buyer from a sale. From a practical point of view, small amounts of visible mold can often be found in many buildings, especially in basements, laundry rooms, closets, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.  In some cases, soot, dirt or mineral deposits (efflorescence) may be misidentified as mold. MTS can perform a check for visible mold when an owner wants to sell but before the buyer brings in their own home inspector. Minor visible mold can be identified and removed. However, in some cases, larger problems may be discovered. A quick  walk-thru VISIBLE SCREEN costs $150 + travel. A quick MOLD SCREEN including moisture meters and an infrared camera costs $250 + travel (per house – costs may increase for larger houses, offices, etc). These screens do not include lab tests, a written report or photos. A brief 1-2 page summary is provided.   Standard rates apply if lab tests, photos, reporting etc are also requested.