Mold Testing Services
Mold Testing -- Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Moisture Damage & Dampness
MTS is sometimes requested to assess moisture damage. This may be to determine the extent of the moisture damage, if adequate drying was performed, and if there may be a mold concern. The cause as to WHY moisture damage is occurring is sometimes needed. Many international studies have found health problems are much more common in DAMP buildings. Musty odors and visible mold are often associated with dampness and moisture damage. Testing for dampness in the air (relative humidity), in wall cavities and on surfaces may be helpful to understand a situation or to verify that corrective actions have worked.

MTS uses a variety of penetrating and non-penetrating moisture meters as well as relative humidity data loggers and an infrared camera. These include special moisture meters for Dry-Vit (EIFS).

A typical moisture damage assessment includes a walk through, checking the relative humidity and checking walls, etc. with moisture meters. Mold testing may not be requested for this assessment. The typical assessment includes a written report, site sketch and photos. The report includes field observations, moisture meter notes, field IAQ meter readings, conclusions and recommendations. A typical assessment starts at $150 plus tax plus travel.