Mold Testing Services
Mold Testing -- Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Lab Analysis - Visible Mold Tests
MTS provides lab analysis of visible mold. Lab tests can be useful to verify is mold is really present and what type of mold.  It must be emphasized that 1-2 tape tests in a building are INSUFFICIENT for MTS to offer opinions as to the extent of a possible mold concern. Site visits and airborne mold testing are needed for an adequate assessment. Nevertheless, visible mold tests have their uses.

Persons can collect their own tests and mail or hand deliver them to MTS. Or, MTS can collect the samples. We offer a handout in the Documents section as to collecting samples. The samples should be collected on CLEAR scotch tape (not frosted tape or packing tape). Only SMALL bulk samples (fingernail sized) are needed and these should be placed inside ziplock bags. Tape tests should have the stick side pressed against the inside of the ziplock bag (or on glass slides provided by MTS). The tape test should NEVER be fold over against itself. This makes it very hard to open.

Lab analyses can typically be performed in 2-3 days after receipt by a local lab or by an AIHA certified lab. Lab results can typically be e-mailed on receipt. MTS charges $35 + tax ($37.10 locally) per sample. Payment is required with the sample. Each sample should be placed in a SEPARATE clearly labeled bag that includes information as to who took the sample, when, and from what (such as dark spots on drywall – N wall NE bedroom). Digital photos taken with the samples can sometimes help MTS to understand the situation.