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Visible Mold Field Assessment
Small amounts of visible mold found by a home inspector or buyer may be enough to stop a sale. In some cases, the spotting is actually soot, dirt or efflorescence and not even mold. Small amounts of visible mold can often be readily cleaned up. On the other hand, large amounts of visible may indicate a serious concern and property owners or others may want documentation to verify that mold really is present. One common concern is whether the type of mold present is a “problem” mold. We can provide microscope analysis to determine whether there is mold and what type of mold it is.

A typical MTS assessment for visible mold includes a walk around the building (checking drainage) and a walk through the building looking for obvious visible mold. We may include use of moisture meters and an infrared camera. We collect tape tests of visible mold. We emphasize this is a LIMITED assessment if it does not include airborne mold testing. Major airborne mold problems can occur even when there is no obvious visible mold. A visible mold check can be very helpful to perform BEFORE a home inspector check. The visible mold check is intended as a limited assessment and includes a brief report, lab analysis of tape tests and photos. Typical minimum fees are $150 plus tape tests plus travel.

For persons preferring to collect their own visible mold tests, please see LAB ANALYSIS – VISIBLE MOLD. Our Documents section offers a handout on collecting your own tests. We charge $35 plus tax per sample.